Celebrating 34 YEARS OF Excellence


We developed our service offerings in an effort to provide our clients with a useful Matrix of Services that includes a wide variety of in-house disciplines for a convenient, more coordinated project.

We engineer the major systems that you would expect - like HVAC, electrical, and plumbing, as well as the specialty systems that these incorporate - like fire protection, emergency power, technology, security, life safety, and LEED.

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At Engineering Matrix, we engineer many things to help your project obtain LEED certification. From the tangibles you might expect - like energy management systems and environmentally friendly products and materials - to the intangible aspects that these elements provide - like a healthier environment for those who inhabit the building and a better outlook for the planet on which we live. Sustainability is an important addition to our Matrix of Services, and we hope you'll consider some "green" features for your next project.